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"Utilizing AI in Marketing Automation" 





For marketers, the world of artificial intelligence is changing the traditional ways of doing things, and it is happening at an exponential rate. You must adapt or fall behind, and in this webinar we cover just how this technology can be best utilized and understood.

Wednesday, Aug 09, 2023

11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

30 - 45 minutes 

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These events do not require your participation, but have the option to privately message any questions to our team. Common questions are answered by the presenter at the end of the webcast.

Our Presenter: Mark Hoxie - Finomation's Principal Consultant

Mark has years of experience with marking automation tools and marketing strategy, especially for banking and financial services. Mark's knowledge of Email Service Providers goes deep into technical aspects of these tools to give any webinar attendee an edge over their competition.

In 2023 the team at Schroders, gave a detailed testimonial on how Finomation has helped them achieve success over the years as our client - hear it firsthand below.

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