From implementations and migrations to audits and late stage strategy, Finomation helps you get more out of your marketing automation toolset. We support the Banking & Financial Services industries by leveraging our unparalleled vertical experience and tribal knowledge of market leading ESP's. Our consulting and advisory services provide strategies and efficiencies that allow you and your team to move efforts upstream and focus on a customer centric experience that drives more revenue.

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Platform expertise

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Marketing Automation Strategy & Execution Empowered by Data & Technology
Qualified & Quantified by Reporting


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What sets us apart?                 

Vertical Expertise

Our broad customer base in the Banking and Financial Services industries allows us to compound our expertise at an exponential rate. From global rules & regulations to revue driving activities, we've seen it all.



We help you develop and enhance your marketing automation strategy through better use of your data, technologies, processes, and reports. Stop working within the assumed confines of your tech stack and let strategy dictate the future.



You've been driving revenue for years but we'll help you prove it...


Qualify and Quantify your efforts to solidify your seat at the table.


At it's heart, Finomation works with various Banks & Financial Services firms to help them connect with their customers more effectively. We provide support at any level of involvement tailored to each client's specific needs.


We turn your business requirements into technology solutions.

Our process typically includes but is not limited to:


Discovery sessions, interviews, platform & process audits, data review and more helps us work together to develop a well defined plan of action.

In the Design Phase, we use that information we've gathered to create a thorough strategy and provide a recommendation & plan of engagement.

In the Implementation Phase, technology is updated, assets can be created, processes are updated and we deliver your solution for success.


In User Acceptance Testing (or UAT) - we work through the solution with you to confirm all deliverables were met or exceeded and that any bugs or changes are addressed.



It's time to see results. Processes & technology are enabled and tangible results are tracked.

While it is our goal to help you become self-sufficient, we offer the ability to refine and continue support. We can create iterations and improvement based on the real time results and data received for the remainder of the project or contract.



Offering Both Project Based and Hourly Packages to meet your budget and business needs.